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Who we are.

public actif | Fabian


head & founder


Fabian is the boss. The big cheese. The head honcho.

Born and raised in Paris (well, the suburbs), he graduated from La Sorbonne before being drafted into the army. But that’s a long time ago – at the time, it was still called “le service militaire”.

After that, he briefly worked in tourism, then took a position as the head of a street marketing agency.

Fabian founded Public Actif in 2010 and has been the agency’s visionary ever since.

His inspiration? Music. Because without music, life would be pretty sad...

public actif | Noemie


head of operations


Noémie’s skill-set combines artistic vision with meticulous organisation.

This is a rare combination which finds its roots in her academic studies in Fine Arts and Communication.

An outstanding manager, she knows all there is to know about the big ad agencies of our capital. But Noémie prefers to be a big fish in a (somewhat) smaller pond.

There’s loyalty for you.

Her Grail? Performance. Her compass? Elevation.

public actif | Amélie


head of marketing & development

Amélie B.

Google has its secret laboratory. We have Amélie.

Her backstory starts in Oxford where she acquires her flawless English, before settling in Paris. She joins the media companies of the “old world” – press, radio and television, the ancestors of the internet age.

A few years later Amélie finds herself in Lyon, the communications director of an international transportation company.

But the appeal of the great outdoors is too strong. So, one day she packs it all in to follow her dreams and climb new digital heights.

public actif | Adrien


head of business development

Adrien B.

Not even thirty yet, Adrien has already lived several lives.

One was spent as an energy salesman, the other spent in medicine. This was followed by a spell making brass animal heads!

A keen rugby player, he is interested in nature and politics, history and the Americas. One thing he hasn’t yet learned to do, however, is take it easy.

Adrien develops more than just our business; he is here to cultivate us.

public actif | Benoit


digital art director


Benoît: A man of mystery.

Always hidden behind his flyaway locks or the dark sunglasses he wears to hide the ravages of sleepless nights, he is our man of mystery. Half-man, half-machine, he doesn’t see the same things as us.

For this reason, we ask him to look in every direction. Like a sonar, yes. Sometimes at night, he turns into a hologram.

He then turns into Mr Nô.

public actif | Camille


web editorial project manager


Camille is the embodiment of the “millennial” generation. An insatiable globetrotter, she scours the world hunting down big life experiences.

Her career spans international business, training and life as an entrepreneur in the world of tourism: each exciting challenge a rite of passage.

Our “storyteller” has a lot to tell, but if you chose to travel to one of the twenty or so countries she has been to, it would be India.

The journey starts here. Discover Camille’s online Indian scrapbook

public actif | Christophe


social media manager


All 193cm of Christophe originate from that great French region “Occitan”, from where he moved to the Sorbonne to study digital marketing.

He has kept his roots in the area and worked as a webmarketer for the tourist office at Leucate for nearly six years where he developed a keen interest in tourism and gastronomy.

In 2016 Christophe goes freelance. A great idea which allows him to work with clients like “Les Grands Buffets” and “Rendez-vous en terre inconnue” (a cult French TV show).

Christophe then joined our team as social media manager. The loop is completed!

public actif | Hugo


community manager


Rock-solid experience, an infallible understanding of digital culture and a video game-based diet: Hugo epitomises the new millennial generation.

With degrees in business and management accounted for, Hugo leaves for a year for Moscow.

There, he works in a tourist agency and learns to understand what makes people “tick”. This is his first step towards achieving his objective of a career in community management.

He then returns to France by the main entrance, at GL Events, AccorHotels and an editorial agency before finding his home at Public Actif.

public actif | Ihab


social media manager


Four and a half. The number of languages that Ihab, our resident linguist, speaks. That’s 4 3/4 if you count his “basic” Norwegian.

After 16 years of football, Ihab changes tack and starts studying ancient and modern history.

He joins the world of community management in the summer of 2017, taking care to hide his skills as an impressionist, during his recruitment interview.

Ihab has far more than one string to his bow even if his sport is football and not archery!

public actif | Inès


digital project manager


Inès's Breton roots have instilled in her a passion for the sea, colourful pastries and inspiring landscapes!

Trained in international economics in Paris and then in the management of humanitarian projects in Lyon, Inès first worked for Handicap International before joining a large insurance group.

She then embarked on a journey with us to sail the digital ocean, holding course before joining us as an exceptional community manager.

public actif | Marc-Henri


digital content manager


Before settling in to life in Public Actif, Marc-Henri lived the American dream. The real one.

In Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

On another note, Marc-Henri loves snaps. He is Snapchat mad in fact. And producing snap stories is not only his hobby, he also does it for famous companies.

Marc-Henri works for the Y generation. His generation.

Oh and, he’s quite uninhibited, too. Just like our American cousins.

public actif | Nolwenn


brand manager


A serial “twittos” and our Ad specialist. Nolwenn seeks inspiration in Lyon and across the world.

Her love of travel has led her far far away, from Brazil to India via Scandinavia.

A keen and talented photographer, she followed her dream and now plays the major female lead in her own life story.

And she is our super-hero!

public actif | Sara


UX designer

Sara F.

“At ease with what makes you uncomfortable”, Sara is her own woman.

And her own unique personality fits perfectly with her vocation as Public Actif’s UX designer. Sara started her journey in the land of modern design, Sweden.

Her curiosity took her to China where she worked as a journalist and designer for airlines across the globe. After five years in the world’s factory she returned home to France.

Which is where our journey with Sara starts.

public actif | Soline


community manager

Soline T.

Food, scran, grub, nosh : whatever you call it Soline is mad about it.

To feed her hunger for all things gastronomical, Soline first takes an internship at “InCuisine” a major FMCG company, followed by another at “Bonduelle”.

As the head chef in our “Community management kitchen” she knows just where to add the right spices and create recipes that will have internet visitors begging for more.

A fitness addict, compulsive decorator and fan of all things Spanish, Soline has set herself a new challenge – learning to knit.

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